Technical Writers' Exchange of Experience Workshop 2017

This workshop aims to address advanced topics in technical communication with focus on software documentation (but not exclusively, technical communicators from other fields are welcome, too). The intention is to share and discuss experience. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from others and spark ideas to improve their own documentation.

The specific methods of design, organization or development of documents, as well as the language, style or formal requirements of specific documents, should not be the point of this workshop.

The workshop takes the form of a series of presentations followed by Q&A. The program of the workshop depends on the final number of speakers which will be known later.

The maximum of speakers is 6 (time limit) and the maximum of all participants is 20 (capacity of the room).

Of course, hot and cold beverages are included. We have great coffee!


The following topics have been confirmed so far (no order):

  • formerly Kerio: Give your users what they want
    User feedback is an essential part of the technical communication. Only users can tell you how important and helpful your everyday work is.

  • RedHat: User story-based documentation
    It has become cumbersome to wade through chapters upon chapters of docs, looking for the relevant bits. At Red Hat, we explore ways to develop docs that cover user stories, not product features. Our aim is to transition from big, lengthy guides to lean, goal-oriented, and modular narratives.

  • RedHat: Documenting accessibility
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) provides support for visually impaired users. This presentation is about documentation for system administrators regarding accessibility configuration. The documentation has been created by working directly with an visually impaired engineer who develops and uses RHEL.

  • CZ.NIC: Let‘s speak the same language
    Finding the common ground for communication is crucial and can be tricky especially when we need to talk about communication itself. However, unified terminology can be achieved through standards and organized co-education.

  • RedHat: Information gathering strategies

Organization of presentations

Every speaker proposes their own topic for presentation this year. One presentation should be 15–35 minutes long (Q&A not included) but we can agree on its duration individually.

We haven't reached the limit of speakers yet, 1–2 slots are still available!

If you want to give a presentation (or you're considering to), contact the organizer at for more information, to announce your active participation and for further arrangements.

Language: English

Technical equipment

The room is equipped with 21 PCs with Ubuntu. The PC in the front is connected to a projector. You can bring your own device for the presentation and/or demonstration but this device must have an HDMI or VGA connector.


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